About Us

The spirit is the core of TOSS…


“We believe that your work and your personal life are not mutually exclusive.”

Collaborating human and technology with a touch of country’s unique culture Total Office Systems & Solutions Ltd.(TOSS) was born to serve in the year 2000. Exploring the technology advancement and embracing the mastery of solutions designed for tomorrow, serves the customers to reach their information management requirements was and is the TOSS’s goal and dream from very first day of its existence.

TOSS is formed to help customers to do their business better leveraging our industry-wide experience, deep technology expertise, comprehensive portfolio of services and vertically aligned business model. Solutions we carry are our power centers that never die with a wave of technology change.

In today’s rapid organizational reengineering needs TOSS is well positioned to be the solution partner to ensure a smoother business operation in transformation journey. TOSS ensures to identify new growth opportunities to our customers and facilitate their foray into new sectors and markets.

At TOSS we harness the latest technology and deliver them to our customers to make their business capable to serve their clients.
Spirit of TOSS
The spirit is the core of TOSS… The spirit is rooted in current reality, but it also represents what TOSS aspires to be, thus making it future active. The spirit is an indivisible synthesis of all three statements. It means manifesting intensity to win, acting with sensitivity and being unyielding on integrity all the time.


The World’s Fastest Enterprise ServerTotal ImplementationsOngoing Support
TOSS claims leading solution provider with the world’s fastest X86 – Bull Bullion server range in Bangladesh market. We can make your virtual environment with exceptional characteristics with a ‘fat’ 16 socket configuration with 160 cores and 4 Terabytes of Memory. This Bullion systems are specially designed for virtualization of critical applications with an unmatched improvement of TCO and added with optimum energy efficiency.

TOSS provides total Unmatched Solution for Data Center Infrastructure covering every aspect from design to development to security to management that none other can provide in market.

TOSS is an organization with specialists. Our team is a mix of unique experts that is most needed in the market. We design solutions with future in mind where all steps being considered smoother transition, either be it an expansion or a total technology revamping.

Virtualization is our business. Being virtualization is no more a buzz word in market but a necessity of tomorrow for all organizations of every size TOSS lead the market with unbiased product portfolio in Virtualization space covering every aspect of application delivery starting from servers at your data center to device that your user interested to use.

Delivery optimization and access security are no more features rather they are foundation building blocks of our solution offering. TOSS represents world leaders’ innovative technology of virtualization and design solutions that fits your technology needs within your budget.

TOSS covers the Virtualization space from servers at data center to user device with technologically mapped devices and software making the environment a private cloud that gives you performance that none other solution can match.
We augment Product supply and implementation through a range of quality value added services, from custom software development, and packaged software customization to consultancy, training and on-going software support. Our responsibility lies in Total Solution Implementation considering end-to-end seamless integration. We care about each delivery component and address each need separately with the best solution in market.
Proven Commitment and Dedication towards maximum customer satisfaction by our workforce allows us maintain a list of well satisfied clients in our decade old business operation. We maintain specialist resources to address unique and general customer assistance when a need arise.

With regards to hardware solution support, we ensure sufficient stock of spares available on ground for faster deployment. In extreme solution deployment we are happy to keep a spare system ensuring faster recovery in case of a disaster at client end.

We are happy to see client’s road map of development and arising business needs much before in time and ensure our consultancy support is provided for them to have ample time to have decision made to an un-interrupted solution advancement without business processing timelines.

Major Clients

  • US Embassy
  • Unilever
  • Robi
  • Citycell
  • British American Tobacco
  • Bangladesh Govt.